Christian dating affection

Too many “homes” have been burned because the fire was started elsewhere.“” Even if you and your beloved end up getting married, premarital sex creates a mental environment where illicitness is driving your sexual desires and when that illicitness is removed after marriage, the thing that was driving you to have sex is now gone.

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If you are experiencing a sexual response to your closeness with each other, you need to set your physical limits more broadly.

If you find that you and your sweetie are struggling in this area (and if you are, you are in good company – many are), find a faithful friend, pastor, or mentor to hold you accountable.

Sex is a wonderful way to express intimacy with one another God’s method of bringing children into this world for His glory.

However, this fire is only rightfully contained within the fireplace of marriage.

“Every rung represents a new physical act you share in a relationship. The higher you climb, the more physically satisfying and intimate the experience will become.