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I remember seeing it on Boing Boing, but now I can’t find it! Time travel is an amazing idea, but so far it’s all speculation, fiction, hoax and misunderstandings. Despite being clear that the image, even if authentic, would not be evidence of an out of time man, it’s still possible it could be a hoax.

After all, photoshop jobs mixing modern figures in old photos are not that complex.

These could be indications that the man was inserted into the image without much care for perspective.

Or could the arm actually belong to the hipster traveller? If this is a digital hoax, why would the hoaxer insert a man that seems out of place, but not actually using anything that couldn’t be found in the 1940s? What looks like a stamped T-shirt is a sweatshirt with emblem. I’m still trying to find (an easy) way to contact it. If I find anything of relevance, including flying Deloreans, I will update this page.

Why not have him use something definitely out of time, like the logo for a company that wouldn’t be created until decades later, such as ? Once again, it must be clear that even if this photograph is authentic, even if it depicts a real scene from 1940, it would not be the proof of time travel. Also, I tend to assume that given the source, the photo is indeed authentic, not tampered with. If you manage to get an official response from them, do share it.

It would even make an amazing viral marketing for any company that managed to get buzz from this.

At 6pm on a Tuesday evening in Hopkinstown, two miles north of Pontypridd, news reached the surface that up to 70 survivors, men and boys, had been located below ground and were waiting at the foot of the mineshaft for cages, dispatched one by one, to raise them to safety.

On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog, but if you tell elaborate stories about being a time traveller, you may just create an enduring digital myth.


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