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The individual leaders who controlled kinship-based towns and tribes also competed for prestige and power.

Competition was between tribal leaders, and with the paramount leaders too.

Resistance to Powhatan's control is indicated by the location of so many towns north of the Rappahannock River.

That river was a dividing line between Native Americans long before King Charles I made it a boundary of the Fairfax Grant.

underwater research may one day reveal how the first Virginians lived Source: National Park Service, Archeology Program The best clues to understanding prehistoric societies, the cultures that existed before European colonists began writing down their perspectives on Native Americans, are the tools used by the hunters/gatherers and the remnants of their camps.


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    Brian Sandoval’s decision to expand the state Medicaid program as a commitment to the health of all Nevadans and a boost for a critical sector of the state’s economy.

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    After several years of futile design and sales efforts, the Hoboken company gained the services of a Swedish immigrant, Gideon Sundback.

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    From her early childhood she had an enthusiasm for acting, modeling and journalist.

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    A new, more stable isotope, called the decay, or daughter product, takes its place.