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William also produced copies or ‘reorders’ of known Derby patterns from an earlier period and these bare a puce mark and don’t usually carry the plants name.After painting at Derby for five years, his convictions led him towards the Quakers.There was a noticable change to his style of rendition during his second period.

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William Pegg spent two periods of time at the factory with a substantial gap between and there is a marked difference in his work over that time.

His original pieces are marked on the back with a blue factory mark and the plants latin and common names.

Pieces from this second period normally carry a red factory mark along with the plants identification.

Most of his work during this time was done in conjunction with the same gilder and often has the gilders mark ‘2’ on the back.

Bones, burnt and mixed with clay, were ground by miller David Jones in a mill adjoining the Cross Keys public house.