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Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be the girl to end up in an abusive relationship, especially because I did not grow up in an abusive home.

Which is the stigma that accompanies abuse; we are expected to come from a broken home or be abused as a child. Never once in those first six to nine months when we were dating did I ever think our love story would have had anything but a happy ending. He grew up without a father and his mother was not the most nurturing, loving, attentive woman to her son. Inconspicuously, I opened the door and walked straight to the bathroom and locked myself in.

It didn’t all happen at once, but day-by-day he’d take control of the little things in my life and eventually the abuse would occur more frequently.

[…] When a person is experiencing any type of abuse the only thing they can do in the moment is do their best to survive another day. The beatings were normal, life with him hiding and watching was normal.

"He told me he was going to kill me and what he was going to do with my body," she recalls grimly. He begged her not to tell anyone and promised he would never do it again. Dating violence is one of those things that happens to other people.