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If you’re tired of the same ole same ole when it comes to dating advice, get your mystical, magical side groovin’ and make something happen.I had a blast chatting with Matchmaker Denise Levy about bringing some spiritual tools out to use in the quest to find a soul mate.

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Getting to know someone and be sure they are “the one” is a process, often fraught with pitfalls.

I know, because in my job as a professional matchmaker I’ve seen them all. You find it a lot of fun to get out there and meet new people.

I've seen Rich at numerous parties and he has no problem approaching the toughest and most skeptical fighters or the most beautiful women.

He's not the tallest or the richest guy at the party, but he's got a ton of secret weapons that freak people out.

The following excerpts come from Heidelberg Kop.518, a Coptic love spell found in Egypt that dates to around 800 CE. Archangels This spell invokes the heavenly powers of the archangels.


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