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If they had to be living then Chris Kanyon doesn't count but I think if this was done when he was alive he would have made the list(some photos of him were hot but others not so much). Gay Games swimmer/model/Project Runway 4's Jack Mackenroth. JP Calderon(Survivor/Janice Dickenson's Modeling Agency)Dave Koz(musician)David Bromstad (I'm not impressed with his on line photos but he seemed hot on his HGTV show. It's rumored even nice guy Channing had some of Matt's scenes cut in Magic Mik, he was afraid he'd upstage him.

Wasn't one or both of the members of 80's pop band Times Two gay? Jon K use to be the sexiest man on the planet, but his paranoid drama fuelled relationship with Luke Evans which, is bordering on creepy, has drastically lowered his stock. While there are some gorgeous guys on this thread, it is a pretty sad state when it is a struggle to name hot out gay men in the celebrity world.

Same with Tom Daley, his relationship with DLB really takes a lot away from his attractiveness. - but I seriously doubt it, as both of 'em seem rather 'passive' to me ( you know what I mean! [quote]I think Nikola was more successful as a model. Because I emailed Jim this thread today, and he flattered and flabbergasted that you would place him in "The World's Top 10 Sexiest Gay Men". Michael Sam John W Shipp Dan Butler Colton Ford (I'm surprised no porn stars have been listed)Ricky Martin Thomas Roberts Matt Bomer TJ Knight PearlÁngel Something from Menudo Greg Louganis Steve Kmetko Steven Grand Steve Bartelstein1960's Richard Chamberlain Country singer who got caught in a park on meth Bear politician Out Soccer Player Hairy hung guy who cums a lot, who was Phillip Chancellor III on The Hung And The Breastless . Bruce Vilanche Andy Dick Nathan Lane Barney Frank Michael Musto Barry Manilow Santino Rice Little Richard Joel Grey Michael Kors Larry Kramer Chi Chi La Rue Karl Lagerfeld Barry Diller Stephen Sondheim Magic Johnson's son Lou Pearlmanr67, pretty much every gay porn star is now bisexual.

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If so I think they both had moments when they were hot(same as Kanyon). Erik Otterman (if he isn't gay the cutie still deserves a look). I guess the entertainment business is still incredibly anti gay. I think it's a combination of selling off the stars as "heartthrobs" for the female audience. many women absolutely love and adore Matt Bomer, even though they know he's gay.

Jonathan Del Arco who played Hugh the Borg several times on Star Trek The Next Generation was hot in & out of his costume. Many people still have the notion today that gay actors cannot play straight (wrong, obviously) or that an openly gay actor would somehow be less attractive. A handsome actor is a handsome actor whatever his sexuality is. But there's still an issue of fraus imagining one day they will end up with said star.

)A powerful guy like JJ Abrams who's fearless to cast women, blacks and Quinto in lead or ensemble roles of event movies THAT SELL TO CHINA, is a RARE EXCEPTION.

He does it by branded franchise (actors don't stand on their own, but beloved brands with built-in fanbase), or high-concept sci-fi/horror that cost little.

Turn them into laughing stocks for people to reject, as some "inauthentic product" (newsflash: all PR are fantasy-friendly stories, including those by "straights"!