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Please DO NOT ask me for Justins skype because I CANT and WILL NOT give it to you.This video is uploaded for certain people to see, please dont hate. This is due primarily to issues of internet connection (particularly when using wifi).

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To ensure that your cam to cam runs smoothly (and clearly) close out all unnecessary computer programs (yahoo, background scans, etc) and where possible plug into your ethernet cable.

Alternatively, try to position yourself as close to your router as privacy permits (ideally the same room or at least the same floor of your home or office).

Slide your cursor over the picture of the contact with whom you wish to do a video call and then click ‘Video Call’.

You must have a webcam selected in your settings in order to view or use the Video Call Option.

To choose a webcam to use during your skype call, click on the ‘webcam settings’ button located under the preview screen on the right hand panel.