Integrity in dating

All of your expectations about your lives together are suddenly built upon quicksand.You’d realize, for example, that his expressed interest in having children might not be genuine; so once you marry him he could change his mind and say he doesn’t want to have children. He would have every right to reply: “I lied.” Or you’d realize that his promise to remain monogamous is meaningless; because if he’s given himself a moral blank check for dishonesty, then anything goes.

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Several months ago, I found myself sitting with my co-host, Melissa Joy Kong, in the home of Mei Mei and Kiran.

I will never forget the conversation we had with them, because it opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me.

Without structural integrity, a building will collapse. But there may be times when I have to lie.” This is not a preposterous scenario.

A bridge without structural integrity will cause cars to plunge into the water. A plane without integrity will fall out of the sky. Indeed, it is human beings who create and build those bridges and airplanes and ships. Many people consciously believe they have to lie to their spouses at times.

As people become desensitized to lying, then they become more and more willing— when the circumstances seem convenient — to tell a whopper.


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