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In this case you would be better off starting your own business in Spain.The idea of buying a business in Spain is to buy a proven income stream – something that the current owners should have built up.We have written this guide to buying a business for sale in Spain specifically for people considering moving to Spain and wondering how they can make a living.

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Our Directors have been selling businesses for a combined 25 years, and our portfolio of businesses is continually being updated.

BARS By far the most popular business for sale in Spain.

It is a proven fact that it is unless you are absolutely fluent in Spanish it is difficult to find work and jobs in Spain.

Even if you do find work you will find it is paid poorly when compared to what you are used to.

Do also be very careful when buying a business in Spain because typically most businesses for sale in Spain are of dubious quality, otherwise why would the owner or owners of the business be selling?