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Though production of the 1 yen coin ceased in 2009, it is still issued in Japan.

During 1870, the Empire of Japan issued the first 1 yen coin.

The coin was the first, and only to date, 1 yen coin composed of gold.

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The reverse displayed the value written in Japanese surrounded by a During 1875, the Empire of Japan issued a trade dollar which equaled 1 yen.

It weighed a total of 27.22 grams and had a diameter of 38.58 millimeters, being nearly identical in size to the circulating 1 yen coin at the time. The Osaka Mint placed this mark on the left side of the reverse, while the Tokyo Mint also placed it on the reverse, but on the right side.

The low mass is due to the coin being composed of pure aluminum.

Having this low of a weight, the coin is able to float on , which symbolizes the healthy growth of Japan, with the title, "日本国", above it and the value below.

In 1871, a year after the minting of the previous 1 yen coin had ceased, the Empire of Japan issued a new 1 yen coin.