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We demonstrated by our behaviour, in a circular-based spirituality the power of right action, and its components that included: clarity, objectivity and discernment.

We gave voice to the majesty of ceremony and prayer through songs, dances and stories.

You see, we knew we were more than the sum of our physical parts, or our tribal names; indeed, we were water, land, trees, animals, swimmers, flyers, crawlers and the supernatural.

They have been followed and shared for many, many years.

So we honour the ancestors, the ones that have walked before us, because theyre the ones that sat in circles many times before, and prayed that their children and their grandchildren would follow in their path. Big Horn consists of a central circle of piled rock surrounded by a circle of stone; "Rays" of stones travel out from the central core of rock and its surrounding circle.

We lived by the dictate: "Begin, in a good way, as you mean to carry on." This did not mean that we avoided arguments, or other tribes for that matter, that occasionally resulted in a battle royal; after all, many tribes were fierce warriors. If people were taken from a tribe for any reason, they were usually adopted into their new tribe at the same level of importance.