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The catch is quite simply it is expensive to do so and you won't be allowed to leave the official government tour.What's more, apart from the kudos, the Mass Games (if you can see them) and the bizarreness of the place, it is actually quite dull.

However for a ball-park figure think between EU€1000-2000 with the cheaper figure being for a four day tour and the latter being seven, say with slightly more upmarket lodgings at a peak time in a smaller group.

For other tours such as individual tours you could double those figures.

) from South Korea on a DMZ (De-Militarised Zone)/JSA tour.

Although somewhat of a tourist circus and the most obvious attraction near to Seoul, the DMZ and learning about how it came into being is a worthwhile part of any trip.

Although there is a state run company based in Beijing that might take you for half that price if you can manage to deal with their bureaucracy .


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