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Except that’s when I popped up on Twitter, the very next day.

We were shy, with simple messages back and forth before finally beginning to send actual emails. But it was real enough and serious enough that I had to revisit the story from Clarissa. I was too scared to mess it up, so I didn’t tell anyone except my heart-sisters and my “fathers”, to whom I tell most everything even if just to hold myself accountable.

The point is that’s where I met Nathan’s cousin, Dan.

He kept me on my toes throughout a very hard year, with my mom having surgery on her spine and my father dying of cancer, and caring for my four year old niece that was staying at my house.

This was our epistolary introduction, which was tender and sweet as soon as it finally began. I was too embarrassed of my sappy self to write about it, and so only blogged .

That’s when I wrote maybe one of my most favorite blogs ever. We talked on the phone for three hours that day, three hours of awesome.

It was a moment of deep peace, of knowing, of remembering. We spent the week together, a week I will never forget.