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Martin Kalbfuss wrote a M4 macro to detect GM2 as part of his project Schwarzer Kaffee.

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There seem to be some minor problems but there are hints to get you going.

M2Latex is a package to help you in translating and pretty printing Modula-2 sources to La Tex.

Note: Some users of Windows 2000 and Vista have reported problems, the package is not compatible with Windows 7/8 and will not be updated to be usable with these operating systems.

Please note that most Modula-2 compilers from the DOS days can easily be used inside programs emulating their original environment. A kind visitor of these pages sent me a historically interesting package containing a DOS compiler called DCP Modula-2 (v2.0) from Eastern Germany dating from late fall 1989 (East Germany had just collapsed then) which seems to be a modified version of the M2MPC compiler from ETH / Modula Corp but appears to generate native code rather than M-Code (like the ETH compilers).

Alien or other converters coming with your favorite distribution.


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