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Let's get inside her personal life and find in detail about her current relationship status. Millions of people are thinking of the co-stars Moore and Milo Ventimiglia who make a beautiful couple on screen to be in a romantic relationship in the real life as well. Mandy and Milo don’t share any off-screen love affair, rather they are good friends.

Both of these statements, clearly proves that Mandy and Milo are not dating and they are not romantically engaged with each other.

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Ryan and Mandy got married on 10 March 2009 and their wedding ceremony was held in Savannah, Georgia.

Milo Ventimiglia was born on July 8, 1977, in Anaheim, California, in the United States. The youngest of three children, he has two older sisters, Leslie and Laurel.

“These characters are all connected and still very much present in one another’s lives through technology,” Ventimiglia told ET ahead of the series’ Tribeca Film Festival premiere on Thursday.

“Through dating apps, through Facebook, through Snapchat, through the things that I know we all toy around with when we’ve got a couple minutes to kill, you know, in the palm of our hand.”“Basically it’s the idea that we’re all so connected, but we’re all still so separated by these things that are actually ‘connecting’ us,” he explained.

Well, the lead actress of the movie, Mandy Moore who plays the character, Jamie Elizabeth in the movie has recently become the talk of the town for her current relationship went on to win a Platinum certification from the RIAA.