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So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

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Later, the main girls stick several of Frankie Dude's henchwomen (all clad in metalic bikinis) to the floor using the same substance. They soon find out they are totally stuck and Sam comments that they are in a human size roach motel. v=C9Ys U1HPu4s Season 2 Episode 11 (Zooney World) When the spies find the missing children, the leader of the group sends a candy shooting tank after Sam, Clover, and Alex.

The tank sticks all three spies to the wall with taffy. t=14m20s Episode 22 / 111 overall (The Grail's Divine Power!

When the Doctor tells Jo to run, she isn´t able because her feet are stuck in a pond. v=IPv2-Uppqv8 () During the first half of the football game at the end of the movie, Hot Hands covers his hands in glue in order to make sure he catches the ball.

Unfortunately, he forgets that the stuff is on his hands during the huddle and claps them together.

Moon's Double Transformation) Eudial uses glue from her flamethrower to trap Sailor Mercury, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Chibi Moon. v=5e TOnd Sw4e4 Episode: Hogatha's Heartthrob Hogatha gets stuck in Gargamel's sticky glue trap that he laid out for the Smurfs.