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The brain responded in a region specific for social interactions and strongest when the stroke was slow (like a caress).Surprisingly, volunteers that were instructed to watch videos of people having their arms being caressed had the kind of brain activation.

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"It definitely changes things a little bit 'cause you have to consider like, 'OK, wow. '"Robertson also addresses her "biggest fear" when it comes to dating. I think everybody was like, 'No, y'all were really laughing [in the video].' We really were 'cause we really did have a great time -- but I don't know, girl, it's too complicated!

Everybody's kind of involved in our relationship, everybody's in it for the good or the bad,'" she said. "People's hearts are so valuable and it's so scary to think about somebody getting their heart broken," she said. And so it's like, that hesitation to even jump in because once you've experienced heartbreak, you're like, 'Oh man, what if it doesn't go...' You start to overthink."In Robertson's new book, and how she overcame an eating disorder, among other things. " For more of what Robertson had to say about working with Eldredge, watch the video above, and see the full unedited interview below.

Individuals who are uncomfortable engaging in touching may also have trouble communicating their emotions.

The research above looks at social, sensual contact that is not overtly sexual.

Men- but not women- perceive that their partner touched them less after they were married than when they were dating.