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He only lasted two days before he had a revelatory moment when a gorilla threw a pine cone at him. ' Then I went to a theater and heard people laugh at something I did. "So I asked my mom, 'Why did you add the extra 'n'?

Though he'd landed a few forgettable roles at this point, including as an extra in Aerosmith's "Hole In My Soul" music video, Scott was still searching for his big break in 1998. After a group of what he describes as "gangsters" took the only cash he had on him, $1.25, as well as the shirt literally off his back, Scott said it only got worse from there.

Unfortunately, while searching for that star-making role, Scott had a scary run-in on the mean streets of South Central L. Ten minutes later, another crew rolled up on him and took his shoes. When he finally arrived at the audition, after kindly bus passengers pitched in to pay his fare, he was told, "Oh, you're late. "It wasn't a real acting part," Scott said, adding, "It was like this promo for this sitcom and the main actress was meeting three different real people and then she was going to decide who was going to be on the episode. And they used our real names, so she said, 'I'm sitting here with Seann Scott from Cottage Grove, Minnesota.

I graduated early, told my coaches I wasn't going to play sports anymore and moved to LA.

I got lucky, got a manager and that was that." But hang on, because he definitely wasn't an overnight success.

The actor's representative has confirmed the news to Us, and a source insists there is no bad blood between the former lovers. It was a very amicable split." Last April (12), Scott, who has previously been linked to actresses January Jones and Jaime King, revealed he was terrified Frimodt would dump him if she saw how vulgar and clueless his movie characters were.