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In response to the rumors, Daniel Henney's agency clarified, "She is not his girlfriend", however, the rumors are continuing.

On April 9, the actor’s agency Eco Global Group released an official statement to clarify the relationship between Daniel Henney and Ru Kumagai.

Ancient shrouds from the period have been found before in the Holy Land, but never in Jerusalem.'What our shroud shows is that the practice of having a separate shroud or wrapping for the body and for the head was common practice.'There was a separate wrapping for the head itself, which was very important because when they brought someone to burial they would place the head wrapping separately on the face in case the person wasn't actually dead and woke up again, they would be able to blow off the face wrapping and shout for help,' said Gibson.'This did occur quite a lot in antiquity because they didn't have the medical means we have today.

Researchers say the weave and design of the shroud discovered in a burial cave near Jerusalem's Old City are completely different to the Turin Shroud.

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