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People should be more considerate.'Aleksey Golubotskiy hit back: 'It is a free country.

I mean, just imagine if you would marry one of these women. Maybe you’ve already done that and you have been through a rough divorce.

Looking at all these beautiful foreign women reminded me of my trip to Kiev. I imagined what it would be like to date such a girl, kiss her and…you know what I thought.

Then I imagined how Brandon must feel when he walks hand in hand with his beautiful Ukrainian girlfriend and the men they walk past gaze after her.​Yes, Ukrainian women really are that beautiful. They wanted to get to know me and meet me in Kiev or Odessa…​But for now, I want to show you what happens when a Western man wants to get to know Ukrainian models on this dating site…​When it comes to dating Ukrainian women, the most popular city is Kiev.

In 2006 two unknown assailants stabbed her 12 times but she survived.