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To download latest SYNC 3 Apps for your EU spec Ford vehicle you can use one of these sites: Germany: https://de/service/betriebsanleitungen-hilfe/ford-sync-bluetooth/update#/ UK: https://co.uk/owner/resources-and-support/sync-bluetooth/update#/ France: https://fr/services/informations/ford-sync/update#/ Spain: https://es/clientes/informacion-util/conecta-tu-ford-sync/actualizacion-ford#/ Portugal: https://pt/pos-venda/informacao-util/sync/update#/ Being on one of those websites simply enter the VIN of your vehicle and let the system check for updates.

If you don’t have access to a service website and/or no local Ford dealer nearby you can use one of the following links to update your SYNC 3 to Version 3.0.3.

If you have a NAV-enabled EU SYNC 3 and still experience this error you probably mixed up installation order.

It should help to re-install the “old” package(s) and try installing again, sticking to the correct order.

Navigation Maps Version F7 (2017, Development Test Edition) If you are not familiar with updating your vehicle, please don’t attempt to do so.