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Update: pleased to hear that map errors can be reported via the website.

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I said, "Wait, online you offered 30% off, but I'm not getting the email." She said, "Just order it and then call me back with the reference no. Or you can download a partial map on your existing nav." I was also told that I received emails telling me my device was no longer supported. Now that I need to update the map, Tom Tom says they no longer support the device and consider its "lifetime" to now be over!

Maybe Tom Tom needs to say "Free 1 Year Map Updates" as opposed to using "Lifetime" in their statement.

Maps are ok but imperfect - it still sends me down routes which would result in a £50 fine.

Because if this, and because the peak-time traffic prediction can be poor, I’m not confident it chooses the quickest route.

I complained again to Tom Tom and they have not responded.