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ha ha He brought me over the dictionary to prove it wasn’t a word and ever since then it’s our nick name for each other. I have been making tons of soups lately…I never knew how easy it was until recently. I have yet to find a suitable nickname for him though…other than “dork” or “geek”. As for the nicknames, well, my husband calls me Bobs (I used to leave bobby pins all over the house) and I call him Shtoops, Bubbins, Nubs, Gibbins, etc. On Saturday, Scotty likes to relax- we’ve dubbed it Scotterday. The nicknames I’ve had are all the usual ones related to Angela – Ange, Angie, etc. they are/were the only ones who EVER got away with calling me Angie Pangie.. & only about a million (names that is lol) Schatje (me… Reply My nicknames for my fiance and his for me are: * Babe (baby, babylala) * Monkapoo (Monk, Monka, Monkers, Monkabutt, Monkey) … I am also “little one,” “pixie” and “pea.” Reply My boyfriend calls me “Pie tin” even though I insist that I am only a “pie” and not a tin. It’s more that we’re developing a shared language, in which we have weird nicknames for inanimate objects.

Unlike you, I don’t sautee the veggies first…I just chop and add all my veggies, add water, seasonings, beans, just dump it all in one pot, boil for an hour and voila, I’m done. But not fit to print publicly :) Reply Other than just “T” by my family and friends, my boyfriend does call me “Monkey”, mostly because out of the last five minutes of my morning, before I go into work, I jump on top of him while he’s sleeping and cling to him sort of like a baby monkey to a mama monkey until I have to leave. And he jokes about how he caught the Nicolitus bug. dutch for treasure or honey), lieverd (dutch for darling) him: babes, honey bun(ny), monkey bum, PITA (pain in the A$$), babycakes, mijn liefde (my love) I am sure there are more lol, you are normal ;o) Reply haha I love this post. ;) this one has gotten out of hand * He calls me “Sunshine” every now and then * Stinker (in a cute way, not because either of us stinks! You definitely are not alone – nicknames for my husband and I are Nuzzlehead and Buzzy – both names turn into all sorts of renditions such as nuzzy buzzy, hunny buzzy, buzzy wuzzy, nuzzle baby, the list goes on! He has threatened to propose marriage by saying “will you be my pie tin? But we have approximately seven badrillion nicknames for our cat. Reply This soup looks amazing and your story makes me love this blog even more :) My husband and I both call each other “honey” and rarely say each others names.

Reply oh one more thing – just had to say how amazing your photography is getting.

You have a really great style and I love how you spill out the ingredients and your placement and the colors – everything has been looking so beautiful lately :) Reply I love Pinky and the Brain. v=EAt Bki0Ps C0 Reply LLLOOLL I’m having so much fun reading all the comments! v=e V71mpbvl-g My boyfriend and I are both cartoon fans (esp.

I spend so much time trying to explain it to my SO, as he didn’t watch it growing up. Can you tell more about what kind of boullion you use…I’ve tried so many different kinds and I just can’t find one that is really satisfying. Reply My husband calls me Beaker when I nag at him (as in Beaker from the Muppets, cuz he claims all he hears is “mimimimimi! I had to go back and listen to Eric say “Not Impressed” in a cat voice haha (and watched your bloopers for like the 5th time, ahahahahah!! We do cat voice over here as well although we’ve never had a cat (!? The Simpsons) and so we’ve been calling one another Wiggy since forever (it started with Wiggum (Ralph).